about nunu media™

nunu  nu•nu  (nOO’nOO) n.

1) the primeval chaos from which the world was formed
2) kind
3) small creeping or crawling organism
4) nickname that Lewis, the CEO’s late father and mentor used to call her (short for nunu punu, which was like “cute face”)
5) a place where you can find fun, irreverent and inspiring content

nunu media™ is a new (nu) kind of publishing venture.

Founded in 2010 by Nancy A. Shenker, a marketing, business, and media maven, its goal is to bridge the gap between great publishing, entertainment, and citizen journalism.

Our mission is to bring relevant content to digital natives and immigrants alike, in a way that’s pithy, creative, amusing, innovative, affordable, accessible 24/7, honest, and occasionally a little naughty.  We like to break rules and invent new ones.