Bad Girl Good Business

Each thrill-packed issue gives you insights, tips, and chuckles on timely business topics – direct from the original bad girl, Nancy A. Shenker.

Plus, you get easy-to-do “homework” that will make you smarter, cooler, and maybe a little richer too!

Volume 1: The Sins of Social Media and How to Avoid Them

Don’t be a social media pariah! Whether you were born in the punchcard era or you grew up with your thumbs on a keyboard, you’ll find useful tips to “mind your manners” in the online world.

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Volume 2: Bitch Slap: When Women Misbehave at Work

Women’s inhumanity to women in the workplace is all too prevalent. Why is that? What makes women bitchy at work and how do we stop the chain of abuse? This fun, brutally-honest and thought-provoking little book gets the conversation started.

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Have a bitch slap story you’d like to share? This is the place! But be sure to add your suggestions for solutions…don’t just bitch!

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The book itself contains some recommendations, but here are more to ponder: