prior/future appearances

The Nancy Pristine Show

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KeyBank Key4Women Lunch Box Series

“Internet Networking; Promote Yourself, Promote Your Business”

Tri-State Camp Conference 2005-2010

Regular speaker on such topics as:

“Social Media….What the Heck do I do With all this Stuff?”

“E-marketing…delight, not SPAM”

“Today’s Media: Friend or Foe?”

“MySpace is Now Our Space”

“Going Green without Spending Lots of Green”

New York Expo for Business 2005 & 2009

“Successful Marketing on a Budget”

“Social Media Basics”

B.I.G (Believe. Inspire. Grow.)

“Demystifying Social Media”

Association of Psychological Type

“Social Media: What Do I Do With all This ‘Stuff’ (and Who Has the Time?)”

BDI (Business Development Institute)

Regular roundtable moderator on topics including:

“The Results-Focused and Strategic Social Media Plan”

The Alliance of Hudson Valley Women Business Owners

“Brand Yourself, Brand Your Business”

TS2 (Total Solutions Marketing)

“From Schlepper to CMO”

“Great Ink and Google-ability”

“Lose Weight (in Your Booth)”

Bronx and Yonkers Green Summits: Eco-ventions

“Sustainable Methods for Marketing Your Business”