Speaking Topics

get branded…build awareness…make money

what is your brand? what does it stand for? why is building a brand more important than ever before in the social media world?

when marketing worlds collide

how to combine “traditional” and new media marketing techniques; utilizing cross-generational talent to build your business; how to make the time for all this “new stuff” in your marketing plan; how to write a fully integrated marketing strategy

social media for grown-ups (two versions)

  • social media strategy and definitions
  • workshops and tutorials

Bad Girl Good Business LIVE

each topic in the Bad Girl Good Business series is available as a 60 minute presentation and interactive discussion

growing up smart, happy, and maybe wealthy

career development, job hunting, personal brand development, and networking for students and recent graduates

PR for 2010 and beyond (or why doesn’t Oprah call me back?)

how to become a media darling and attract the right kind of press

from Hippy to Wiki: 5 decades of communication wisdom

10 timeless truths that business people and marketers should respect, no matter how much our world is changing

green your marketing: baby steps to sustainability

all presentations can be customized for specific interest groups and industries.