about nancy a. shenker

the behind-the-scenes version

Nancy A. Shenker, founder and CEO of theONswitch® and nunu media™ was named for Nancy Drew and Nancy Sinatra.  She possesses the curiosity, sleuthing powers, fearlessness and go-go boots of her namesakes.

Nancy’s entrepreneurial ventures

Childhood Adulthood
Making and marketing brightly colored potholders door-to-door Leading new business launches for major brands, including Citibank, MasterCard International and Reed Exhibitions
Selling comic books and lemonade at a pop-up retail outlet (OK, it was a table and folding chairs on Union Turnpike in Queens) Launching a boutique marketing company, theONswitch® in 2003

Nancy’s writing, publishing and speaking

Childhood Adulthood
Multiple short stories, poems, and school newspaper articles.  Writing and directing the award-winning “Sing” musical at Jamaica High School.  (Considering the wild success of “Glee”, Nancy was clearly a futurist.) Published in The New York Times; winner of a Self Magazine essay contest; contributing editor to The New York Enterprise Report; quoted in all major business media
Had a one-act play produced on cable TV in Ann Arbor, Michigan Author of three blogs and numerous business e-newsletters
Does not remember talking much prior to the age of 14, but always liked passing snarky notes in class Gives inspirational and information talks and workshops at industry conferences and to business and community groups.  Gets rave reviews


  • Possesses really neat penmanship and can type 90 wpm
  • Likes baking, reading (chick lit), movies, shoe-shopping, electronic devices, lined notebooks and gel pens
  • The “A” in the middle of her name doesn’t stand for anything

*Too much information